Meeting - March 2013

Friday, 22 March 2013 - 7:30pm
Chateau Impney
John R. Hodges

Powerpoint presentation.


The Wythall History Society met on the 22nd March this year and was pleased to welcome, as guest speaker, Mr John Hodges of Worcester who delivered a superb PowerPoint presentation on the subject of “The Chateau Impney”.

Chateau Impney

Chateau Impney

John has researched the History of the Chateau Impney for a number of years and amassed much little known information and many old photographs of the building and its gardens. Many of our members thought they knew the story of why the Chateau was built but following the presentation have learned there is so much more to the story than they had realised and that some of the popular so called facts are not entirely correct. We were also surprised to learn that in recent times schemes had been put forward to demolish the building and create a housing complex. Thankfully that scheme came to nothing and new owners have purchased the estate and are taking steps to restore the Hotel and gardens to their former glory.

Brian Sadler