Meeting - November 2017

Friday, 24 November 2017 - 7:30pm
Richard III
Ralph Richardson

A Interesting Presentation


Friday 24th November saw a happy group of people enjoying a talk  by Ralph Richardson on Richard III, there was however one Lancastrian amongst the audience who had different feelings towards King Richard!.
Richard was born at Fotheringay in 1452 and at the age of 10 years was sent to live with the Earl of Warwick to train to be a knight, that was the custom for “high” born sons in those days.
Ironically his first battle was against Warwick who had changed sides and it was during that skirmish that Warwick lost his life.
Mr Richardson “took” us through several battles before Richard eventually reigned over England for 12 peaceful years.
As always the subject of the Princes in the Tower and who either killed or had them killed took up a considerable time. Mr. Richardson gave a very plausible theory on why King Richard couldn’t have been responsible...sadly none of us will ever know for certain.
Mrs Bernice Peach gave a vote of appreciation on behalf of all present and passed on apologies from Mrs Nash who was poorly.
It was also pointed out that a defibrulator was to be set up in the Village Hall and members were invited to train in its use.
The evening closed at 9.p.m.

Brian Sadler