Meeting - October 2017

Friday, 27 October 2017 - 7:30pm
The Lyttleton Family of Hagley Hall
Julian Hunt

A PowerPoint presentation


The meeting opened with the Chairman, Mrs Barbara Nash, reading out the notices.
Attention was drawn to the sale of the War Memorial Booklets which were on sale during the evening.
The Coffee Morning is on Friday 1st December, we would be grateful for any DVD’s or books for the stall.
Brian Draper would be leading the outing to the Gloucestershire and Wiltshire Borders on 17th May 2018.
The  next meeting will be on 26th November, a talk by Ralph Richardson on Richard III.
Mr Julian Hunt, our speaker for the night was then introduced, his subject being “The Lyttleton Family of Hagley Hall”
The first Lyttleton was born at Eton , in 1466,where his Father was employed, and the family has descended from then in a direct line until the present day.
Sir John Lyttleton was living at Hagley Hall in the 1500 and one of the most interesting facts in the talk wast that although the family were Roman Catholic’s they managed to keep their home through the reign of Henry VIII and indeed were able to purchase some of the lands of monasteries which had been destroyed.
During the regain of Mary he rose to high office in her “government”.
Then along came Elizabeth who was a Protestant, “He kept his head low and kept his head” was the saying of the time.
Even so Sir John must have been a canny man as he was eventually knighted by the Queen.
It was a tradition that the male members of the family always went to Eton, at one point there were 3 members of the family in the Eton cricket team...a costly business.
In 1889 the family inherited the title Viscount Cobham, which is how the present Lyttleton heir is addressed.
There was a huge fire in 1926 with only the South Wing remaining. Over the years the house has been rebuilt and the present Viscount is restoring the gardens.
A great deal of the family money came from wealthy marriages.
Members had thoroughly enjoyed the talk and were now looking forward to the outing in June when they will be able to see for themselves portraits of the various members of the family.