Meeting - March 2017

Friday, 31 March 2017 - 7:30pm
The English House
Keith Cattell

A PowerPoint presentation


Mrs Nash, Chairperson, welcomed all members and visitors and gave a brief resume of the forth coming outings. Members were also invited to “volunteer” to help with refreshments at future meetings.
The speaker for the evening was then introduced, Mr Keith Cattell who was to give a talk and PowerPoint presentation on” The English House.”
We were taken on a tour of the type of “homes” British people have lived and loved over the centuries commencing with cave dwellers. The illustrations of the terrible slums of the sixteen hundreds as against the Grand Homes of the elite brought home, pardon the pun, to us the huge class divide of those days.Victorian terrace houses, through to the nineteen thirties semi detached houses, prefabs, the soulless slab concrete flats after the war and the modernistic houses of the present and future with eco friendly features.
The Rock houses at Kniver were a familiar  to many of the members. Members returned home thinking how lucky they were to live in the present time. No one envied the Stately Homes or their upkeep!.
Mr Cattell accepted the vote of thanks and said how pleased he was to have been invited back to Wythall for the second time.

Brian Sadler