Meeting - February 2017

Friday, 24 February 2017 - 7:30pm
The Trojan War
Ray Aspden

A PowerPoint presentation


The Chairperson, Mrs Nash, welcomed 30 members and visitors to the meeting in the refigured Village Hall.
Mention was made to the outing in May, a coach trip to the Gloucestershire and Wiltshire Borders, with Mr. Brian Draper. Members were invited to indicate on the board if they wished to go on this trip; the cost would be £17 per person which does not include meals or refreshments. Mrs Nash also requested members to indicate their willingness to undertake the serving of the refreshments at future meetings.
The speaker for the evening, Mr. Ray Aspin, was then introduced his subject being for the evening being “The Trojan Wars”. In order to simplify things he divided the talk into three separate parts:- The Greek Mythology, The Archaeology and The Hittites . The talk was very complex but several members were well versed in the subject and were able to ask a number of questions.

Brian Sadler