Meeting - January 2017

Friday, 27 January 2017 - 7:30pm
Lost Industries and Businesses of Birmingham
Keith Clenton

A PowerPoint presentation


The Chairperson, Mrs Barbara Nash, welcomed members and wished them a belated Happy New Year.
Members were told that details, together with the price of the outing to the Gloucestershire and Wiltshire borders with Mr Brian Draper, in May, would be announced next month.
Mr Keith Clenton, our speaker for the evening was then introduced. His subject was “The Lost Industries and Businesses of Birmingham”. His PowerPoint presentation covered the start of the Austin Motor Company, through its prosperous years to the sad pictures of the decline and gradual demolition of the factory. We were then shown how the site has been redeveloped with housing, a shopping complex and a College of Further Education.
He continued to show us just how Birmingham had indeed been the workshop of the world with companies such as Fort Dunlop, HP Sauce, Joseph Lucas being just a few of the once famous names now all just a past memory.
We were then once again taken down memory Lane with the cinemas of our youth along with some of the once familiar and famous public houses. A reminder of past shopping trips to Lewis’s  in Bull Street, George Mason and  Wrensons; in fact all the places which were part of our everyday lives before Supermarkets.
Mrs Nash thanked the speaker for bringing back the past so vividly.

Brian Sadler