Meeting - October 2016

Friday, 28 October 2016 - 7:30pm
Local Cheese and its History
David Fowler

A slide-show with samples


The Chairman welcomed members and visitors reminding them of the Annual “Coffee and Craft” morning to be held at the Britannia Room on Friday 2nd December, tickets for which were on sale tonight. She then welcomed the speaker for the night, Mr. David Fowler of Fowler’s Cheese of Earlswood who gave a brief history on the early production of cheese starting from 8000BC, through the Roman era and finally to modern times. He then gave a slide show of cheese making in his family which dated back to 1690. His ancestors started farming in Derbyshire, later moving to Hanbury and finally to Earlswood where they also had a dairy and a milk round in the local area. Older members of the society may recall Forest Dairies. Many of those present were surprised to learn that Fowlers is the oldest cheese producing farm in the country. The final highlight of the evening was the sampling of the 14 varieties of cheese produced by Fowlers and a number of those present purchased cheese, having been amazed at the various distinctive tastes. David’s wife Pat will have a stall at the History Society Coffee Morning in December and will be delighted to serve and advise people about their choice.

Brian Sadler