Meeting - May 2016

Friday, 27 May 2016 - 7:30pm
The History of Becketts
Simon Beckett

A PowerPoint Presentation


This is a talk which has been looked forward to for sometime particularly so because a number of members of our society have known of and indeed patronised “Beckett’s Farms” for most of their lives.
The original farm which the Beckett family owned, and still do, was Manor Farm in Station Road Wythall and at least one of our society members went to school with Alan Beckett way back in the early 1950’s.
After leaving school the then young Alan Beckett won a scholarship to study farming methods in the USA for 12 months. Up to this time the several farms owned by the family were traditional animal and arable farms. But Alan learned a lot during his twelve months in the “States” and decided that intensive egg production was the way forward to a successful farming business. He was able to acquire a number of large wooden buildings, from the Wythall RAF camp which was, at that time, being dismantled and had them installed at Heath Farm on the Alcester Road. These buildings were then fitted out with very many rows and tiers of “Chicken Pens” and hence began the “Beckett’s Battery Hen” business. From this humble beginning the business has grown over the years into the very prosperous business we know and use today, not only to buy eggs, but to enjoy the advantages of what has grown into a very successful wide ranging family enterprise in Wythall.

Brian Sadler