Meeting - March 2016

Friday, 1 April 2016 - 7:30pm
Cavalier Dogs & Roundhead Rogues
Mary Bodfish

A PowerPoint Presentation


“Cavalier Dogs and Roundhead Rogues” was the title of a presentation given to the Wythall History Society on April 1st by Mary Bodfish. Some of us wondered if this was to be an “April Fool” evening as many of us thought we knew all about the English Civil War, a subject which was dealt with very thoroughly during our school history lessons when we were young. How wrong we were and what an enjoyable and informative evening we had.
Mary’s “PowerPoint” presentation started by giving a general insight into the political situation between King Charles 1st and Parliament and then went onto to explain how the country became divided by the introduction of new and unpopular taxes which had to be paid by everyone.We also learned that the term “Sent to Coventry” is said to have originated during the civil war and referred to Royalist prisoners captured in and around the Birmingham area were in fact sent to Coventry where Parliamentarian forces were in control.
There were many other interesting facts included in Mary’s excellent presentation, one in particular that stuck in my mind was that the first major battle of the Civil War was the Battle of Edge Hill, an historical site I have visited a number of times and where I stand and gaze out at the peaceful countryside and try to imagine what it must have been like during the battle.

Brian Sadler