Meeting - October 2015

Friday, 30 October 2015 - 7:30pm
Market Towns
Dr Richard Churchley

A PowerPoint presentation


Dr Churchley is a multi-talented speaker / performer who lives near to Redditch and has given presentations to various Wythall organisations several times in the past on various subjects. This evening’s talk on “Market Towns” had been eagerly looked forward to by many members of Wythall History Society and once again we were not disappointed. The presentation consisted of a slide show of numerous towns and villages around the country which have, or had, a “market place” where local tradesmen and farmers could take their produce and animals to sell. These markets did not trade continuously as a normal shop does but took place in a village square or a wide main street, perhaps once a week or maybe once a month, and traders brought their goods or animals into town from the outlying districts to sell. Years ago it was mainly a place to trade livestock and locally produced products but in recent years tends to cater for traders in everything from clothing, food and even electrical goods; although in rural areas there is still much local produce available.
Dr Churchley mentioned many “Market” towns and villages in our locality which were of course of special interest.

Brian Sadler