Meeting - September 2015

Friday, 25 September 2015 - 7:30pm
The Road to Stratford
Mike Fisher

A PowerPoint presentation


September is the meeting when the Annual General Meeting of the Wythall History Society takes place but that meeting is usually preceded by a Slide Show of interesting pictures of Old and New Birmingham, usually along one or other of the major routes out of the city. This year was no exception and Society Committee member Mike Fisher had put together an “Interesting Picture Journey” from Digbeth to Stratford upon Avon.
He talked initially about Deritend and Birmingham’s River Rea and then proceeded to travel south out of the City illustrating his talk with photographs, old and more recent, of points of interest en-route until the town of Stratford on Avon was reached. One photograph in particular that caused much comment was of the Camp Hill Flyover, an elevated section of road bringing traffic from Camp Hill into Deritend. This structure was originally intended to be a short term “Temporary traffic solution” when first installed. It survived for over 26 years before it was finally dismantled!
A number of those present recounted interesting memories of many areas of the show’s journey and these were voiced and discussed during the presentation.
Following the Slide Show presentation The Annual General Meeting of the Society took place. Reports were circulated by the retiring Officers and were duly adopted by those members present.  The Chairman said she had not received any new Committee Nominations for the coming year but all of the retiring Officers had signified their willingness to continue on Committee for a further year; the only provision being that Mrs Matthews wished to relinquish her job as Treasurer. The Chairperson, Mrs Nash stated that a retiring Committee Member had indicated a willingness to take on the position of Treasurer. She then asked for a Proposer and Seconder for the motion “That the existing Committee be re-elected en bloc”. These were duly received and the motion put to the vote, which proved to be unanimously in favour of the proposition. There being no other business to discuss Mrs Nash declared the meeting closed.

Brian Sadler