Meeting - January 2015

Friday, 30 January 2015 - 7:30pm
Birmingham - Past and Present
Mark Norton

A PowerPoint presentation.


The talk given by Mr Mark Norton was one that had been looked forward to by the regular members of the History Society who had grown up in Birmingham. It also attracted an unusually large number of visitors.
Mark explained that his father had died just weeks before he himself was born and so he never knew about his father’s interests and that it was not until recent years that he had discovered boxes of photographs which his father had taken. On investigation he discovered his father had taken the photographs at a time when Birmingham was scheduled to undergo re-development in many areas. Apparently his father had decided to create a record of what these areas were like prior to the redevelopment.  Regrettably, not long after taking the photographs his father died and the photographs had been consigned to a storage area by his mother. It was only in recent times that Mark had found them and discovered they were an interesting record of Birmingham in the 1960’s. He then decided to visit, as far as possible, the “EXACT” spot from where each picture had been taken and produce his own up-to-date photographic collection of those parts of the city today.
For many of those present this proved to be a very interesting evening which generated many memories, comments and recollections, particularly from those who had worked or travelled through the city in the 1960’s.
Mark has produced a book of the THEN AND NOW pictures which can be purchased from various bookshops or online. He has also produced two other books, PAST & PRESENT IN MY FATHERS FOOTSTEPS and BIRMINGHAM NEW STREET STATION.

Brian Sadler