Meeting - September 2014

Friday, 26 September 2014 - 7:30pm
The Road to Pershore
Mike Fisher

A PowerPoint presentation followed by the AGM of the Society


This meeting was the first of the Society’s 2014/2015 year. Mrs Barbara Nash, Chairman of the Committee opened the meeting with a number of announcements concerning outings which had taken place since our last formal meeting in May and stated that the AGM would take place after the evening’s slide show entitled “The Road to Pershore” which was to be presented by Society member Mike Fisher.
Mike posed the question of where the road actually started in Birmingham before it turned into the Pershore Road and talked about Birmingham in the early 1800’s. He had obtained details of an 1825 Toll Map and showed various early photographs of the area from Digbeth out to the point where today the road becomes the Pershore Road. He then traced its journey, with many old and more recent pictures, out past Calthorpe Park, Canon Hill Park, Selly Park, Ten Acres, Stirchley and on to Cotteridge, where the Pershore Road name ends. Nevertheless the road continues out to Alvechurch, Redditch and finally, Mike said, through to Feckenham where traces of the road eventually  disappear. However, looking at old maps of the area from Redditch to Pershore one feels that Feckenham is somewhat offline for a route from Alvechurch to Pershore. Nevertheless Mike’s talk was thought provoking and his pictures, both old and more recent, were excellent.
After a short break Mrs Nash declared the Annual General Meeting of the Society open, there being Seven Committee Members, fifteen regular members and one visitor present. Mrs Nash drew the attention of those present to the fact that she, and other members of the Committee had served the Society for a number of years and she in particular felt that it was time for “New Blood” on the committee. She did however say that there had been no nominations for other members of the Society to take office so she and the existing committee members had agree to continue for ONE more year.
The Minutes of the 2013 AGM had been previously circulated and were accepted by the meeting.
All reports by the appropriate Officers were adopted by those present.
Under any other business it was agreed that the Annual Membership Subscription would remain at £15 and Visitor Fee at £2.50 per visit.
Finally Kate Smith reported on the work of the WW1 Sub Committee who were engaged in finding out as much as possible about those men whose names were recorded on the various Wythall War Memorials. She mentioned that Paul Astle had researched one name in particular, Sydney Billington, who had been killed on 13/10/1914. She also mentioned that Paul had placed a wreath, donated by the Royal British Legion, on Sydney’s grave.

Brian Sadler