Meeting - May 2014

Friday, 30 May 2014 - 7:30pm
Yesteryear's School Days
Dr Colin Harris

A PowerPoint presentation


Dr Colin Harris was the speaker for the Society’s May meeting and his subject for his presentation was entitled “Yesteryear’s Schooldays”. Colin has given talks to various societies in Wythall and is well known for his wide range of interests and his friendly and amusing approach to these events; this evening’s talk was no exception. He had brought with him a very large selection of old books, toys and other artefacts related to school days which most of those present could well remember from their own early years. He talked without notes and was happy to digress and discuss memories related by members of the audience, of which there were quite a number. He also passed around the room items which he had brought and which he invited members to handle, study and to discuss with those present.
The talk had started with a series of amusing anecdotes and our memories were then further evoked his talk of  scenes in classrooms, the rough and tumbles of the playground as well as young lads enjoying (?)  a forbidden cigarette behind the bicycle sheds!
All the members agreed that whilst at the time our school days didn’t seem to be the happiest days of our lives, looking back we now have many happy and long-lasting memoires of them.

Brian Sadler