Meeting - March 2014

Friday, 28 March 2014 - 9:30pm
Murder and Manslaughter
Dr Richard Churchley

Strange deaths in Worcs / Warks history


Wythall History Society were pleased to once again welcomed  Dr. Richard Churchley to present one of his numerous interesting talks this one being entitled MURDER & MANSLAUGHTER which highlighted, and then enlarged upon, a surprisingly large number  strange deaths in Worcestershire’s  and Warwickshire’s past history. One or two of these cases were familiar to some of those present, but not perhaps in the detail which Dr Churchley was able to reveal, others were completely unknown to most of us. An enjoyable thing about an evening, such as we enjoyed, was that after the presentation we had the opportunity to chat with the speaker on a one to one basis not only about the evenings presentation but on the speakers other interests and published work.
Dr Churchley does list 22 talks on a variety of historically based subjects from Folk Music to The Workhouse and is actively involved in the newly published local history magazine The Feckenham Forester.

Brian Sadler