Meeting - January 2014

Friday, 31 January 2014 - 7:30pm
Upstairs, Downstairs
Dr Chris Upton

High and Low Life in a Victorian City


Our first meeting of 2014 took place on 31st January and we were particularly pleased to welcome Dr Chris Upton, a well known local historian, to speak to us about life as a Servant in a “Well to do household” in Victorian and Edwardian Britain.
The talk commenced by giving a verbal picture of how and why many of the “lower working classes” were forced to leave the country and move to towns and cities to find employment. He then went on to read passages from various publications  illustrating individual cases of, mainly female, experiences in finding jobs, keeping jobs and appealing against dismissal.
Dr Upton’s presentation was lively and very often amusing; with him slipping into suitable dialect and adding many amusing asides to further illustrate some of his tales. All in all a most enjoyable and instructive evening.

Brian Sadler