Meeting - September 2013

Friday, 27 September 2013 - 7:30pm
The Road to Alcester
Mike Fisher

PowerPoint presentation followed by the AGM of the Society


Wythall History Society met again 27th September 2013 after the summer recess. The evening began with a talk and film given by Committee member Mr Mike Fisher with many of the pictures coming from the Society archives.
The title of his presentation was “The Road to Alcester” and his journey started in Digbeth in the city of Birmingham and followed the A435 road through to Alcester. The majority of the pictures were set back in time and the theme of the talk was “Do you know here this is or what this building was/is”.
The audience thoroughly enjoyed the journey, particularly when we had reached the Wythall area and realised the changes which have taken place over recent years.
Following Mike’s presentation there was a short refreshment break after which the AGM of the Society took place. Mrs Barbara Nash, the current Chairman gave her report and called upon the other committee Officers in turn to submit theirs. All of the reports received the approval of those present. The election of Officers and a Committee was then discussed and Mrs Nash stated that she had not received any new nominations for Officers or Committee Membership and therefore proposed that all of the existing Officers and Committee members be re-elected en-bloc. This was put to the meeting and carried.
A vote of thanks to the Committee to was proposed by Mr Tony Pappin and seconded by Brian Sadler. The meeting closed at 21.40.

Brian Sadler