Meeting - April 2013

Friday, 26 April 2013 - 7:30pm
Dame Elizabeth Cadbury
Brian Sadler

Powerpoint presentation


The April meeting of the Wythall History Society took place on the 26th of the month and the main event of the evening was a talk and PowerPoint presentation entitled Dame Elizabeth Cadbury, who was George Cadbury’s second wife, given by one of the members of the Society.

He started his presentation giving a brief history of the Cadbury family, their “Quaker” roots, and how they became involved with the production of their famous brand of chocolate and cocoa in Birmingham. The speaker then went on to talk in depth about Dame Elizabeth Cadbury, born Elizabeth Mary Taylor, her ancestors and where they all originated from. He also highlighted their early involvement with The Religious Society of Friends or “Quakers” and Elizabeth’s evangelical approach to her religion. The PowerPoint slides were designed to make it easy for the audience to understand and follow the complex way in which members of “The Religious Society of Friends” intermarried across the whole country and the many well known Birmingham families who were related by these intermarriages. He finally talked in depth about Elizabeth from childhood, through adolescence and eventually her meeting with and marriage to George Cadbury following the death of his first wife. The final part of the talk dealt with her early married life at “Woodbrooke” and the way in which she won the hearts of her five step children and of course her own six children.

The talk was also illustrated with many photographs of her, of George, of Bournville and of the many places associated with her in our vicinity.


Brian Sadler