Meeting - April 2012

Friday, 27 April 2012 - 7:30pm
Dr Colin Harris

Folklore, Customs and Traditions - PowerPoint presentation


We were pleased to welcome Dr Colin Harris to our April meeting to deliver an illustrated talk entitled YESTERYEAR, folklore, customs and traditions.

Dr Harris at one time worked in industry but latterly was involved in education. He is a person with a highly developed sense of humour who really knows his subject and is able to involve his audience. He stated that his normal approach is firstly to "break the ice" with the audience and then to encourage them to become involved and take part in his presentation, see Gurning later in the article. He stated that although one talks of the seven ages of man this could be condensed to three namely, Pills, Ills and Wills! He also said his guiding light was KISS i.e. "Keep It Short and Simple".

He then went on to talk and illustrate briefly, many varying aspects of folklore and customs. Among these were The Laxton Ceremonies, Cutting the Wren (found only in December in the Isle of Man), Speeding the plough, Gurning (pulling funny faces), Cheese Rolling, Ashbourne street football and Asparagus Man, to name but a few. At the end of the talk many of those present took the opportunity of having one to one talks with him to discuss their own particular interest or experience. Everyone present seemed to have had a thoroughly enjoyable evening.

Brian Sadler